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this is parts of the Brisbane SPRACI message boards thread from 2001 where board members listed their top songs/artists from 2001. I can't read the threaded versions of posts so this might be an incomplete list

journeyman starts the thread off...

2001 the tune

Posted by journeyman on Thursday, 27th December 2001 2:15 AM

big tunes of 2001 anyone want to kick it off !


j-man / Journeyman / Jason Reed

Re: 2001 the tunes

Posted by j-man on Thursday, 27th December 2001 2:23 AM

by the way on a dnb tip - spaced invader(j-majik)
on a 2step vibe -mj cole remix of roots manuva -dreamy dayz
breakbeat - azzido da bass - dooms night remix
down tempo - sunrain by ltj bukem
these are the ones that stndout for me !


Peter Mogg

Re: 2001 the tune

Posted by Peter Mogg on Thursday, 27th December 2001 7:14 AM

On the commercial prog/house tip try,

Iio - "Rapture" (Creamer & K / Deep Dish Mixes)
Brancaccio & Aisher - "It's Gonna Be...(A Lovely Day)"
Slam - "Lifetimes"
PPK - "ResuRection"
New Order - "Crystal" (Creamer & K / Bedrock Mixes)
The Furure Sound Of London - "Papua New Guinea 2001"
Satoshi Tomiie - "Love In Traffic"
16B - Escape (Driving To Heaven)"
Plank 15 - "Strings of Life" (Pete Heller Mix)
Sleepfreaks - "Distant Mellow"

Ten tunes that made 2001 another memorable year for me anyway.




Re: 2001 the tune

Posted by Mag00 on Thursday, 27th December 2001 9:39 AM

On a tekno tip:

1. Devilfish - Manalive - Bush
2. dk remix 1 - Remainings III - Drumcode
3. Thomas Krome - Shokabuku series - Corb
4. Gil'- Noise Shaping - Spiritual
5. Ivan - Red Star - Intensiv

2001 has been a great year for realeases lets hope 2002 tops it.




Re: 2001 the tune

Posted by Custa on Friday, 28th December 2001 10:25 AM

My Acid Trance Toss up's over the past 12 months would either be and don't laugh coz this is actually the name of it.....

Pioneers of the Underground EP - Mine and Yours Favourite Porno DVD on Acid Mix by DJ Mishka's Mad Gay Mafia

Other notable mentions for me:
Cherokee by Choci and Paola
555 by DJ Fury
Thunderfucked by DJ Shanu



Re: 2001 the tune

Posted by fezzwah on Friday, 28th December 2001 3:47 PM

Certainly some fine releases this year and I reckon that these tunes did it for me! In no particular order

1. 16B feat.Morel - Escape (Driving to Heaven)

2. Chab - My love

3. SHHH.... - Hold that body

4. Ben Shaw feat. Adele Holness -So Strong Sander K remix

5. Musika - The Hydrogen Rockers

6. Unknown - Moonchild (White Label)

Have a great N.Y.E everyone!

7. David James - Always (A Permanent State)

8. King of Spin - Antioch

9. FSOL - Papua New Guinea (Tommie Rmx)

10. Innate - Roots Rock


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