thanks & credits

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a HUGE thank you to everyone supporting this project and giving permission for use of photos, flyers, stories, ideas and memories!

the site is (slowly) being updated - apologies if I'm a bit slow..

I'm uploading the flyers, photos to the site so a local url will be used, mostly to try stop information being lost if internet links on other sites change (as has happened in the past). Links to the original urls and credit to the owners will be mentioned in the posts.

especially these people (no particular order) :

Michael Watt - photos, memories, contacts & a wealth of memories

Sven - scans of party flyers

Darren Pearson / DJ Damage - contacts, ideas, support & memories

Bobbie Bright - support & ideas

Seth Van Buren - photos, flyers

Justin Kirk - DJ Dizzy - music, memories

Stacy Hughes - photos, flyers

Luke Hollis / DJ Zentraedi - flyers, photos, memories

Scotty - flyers

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