Slippin' on wax radio show (Toowoomba)

Slippin' on wax radio show

- hip hop radio show broadcast in Toowoomba by bboy Rely from 1992-1994
- mentioned in this Bomb Hip Hop article on bboy Rely by DJ Sheep - an excerpt below :

B: What was the name of your radio show?

R: Slippin' on wax

B: What types of music did you play on the show?

R: Various types of hip-hop from around the globe such as Hijack and Gunshot from the U.K. and all the usual East & West Coast artists from the U.S. at the time. The show started when Def Wish Cast bought out their Mad as a Hatter EP and later released Knights of the Underground Table LP, so we used to play a fair bit of their stuff, as well as Finger Lickin' Good, Fonke Knommads, and other various Australian hip-hop artists.