DV8 Remixes - Issue 7 cassette

DV8 Remixes - Issue 7 cassette - DV8 Productions 1988

This cassette features music from Criss, Front 242, L'Me L'Ma, Clarence Carter, Boxcar and C.C.C.P.

Side 1
1. With a Boy Like You (F.M. Mix) - Criss - 124 bpm / 6.00
2. Master Hit (4th and Final Mix)- Front 242 - 118 bpm / 6.00
3. Killing Your Heart (Brutal Stab Mix) - L'Me L'Ma - 136 bpm / 5.30

Side 2
1. Strokin' (Full Length Edit) - Clarence Carter - 116 bpm / 7.33
2. Fast Food (Quick Serve Mix) - Boxcar - 140 bpm / 4.00
3. American Soviets (Arms and Weapons Edit) - C.C.C.P - 120 bpm / 7.15

Betty posted the tape artwork and a comment about DJ Edwin on Edwin's memorial page:

"I first met Edwin at Dance Music Record Store at 238 Edward Street in Brisbane in1986. Edwin wanted to learn about the music industry. Paul "Flex" Taylor and I needed shifts covered at the shop and Edwin got the call. This shop was where Edwin got his first real taste of what it was like working in the record industry. Edwin loved it. Edwin and I worked on a few recording projects together. I went on to share a house with Edwin and his beautiful partner Leanne at St Paul's Terrace from 1989 to 1990. Edwin also played keyboard/samples over my sets at The Beat Night Club before he became a resident DJ there himself. I'm so blessed to have had Edwin in my life and so proud of his achievements. Edwin helped to put Brisbane's music scene on the world stage. He did everything in his life with style and grace. R.I.P. Edwin xxx B.)" -- DJ Betty

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DJ Edwin
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L'Me L'Ma
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Sat, 1988-10-01 21:00
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