DJ & MC The Master (The Masta)

bio from Dijay Masta (Jason Belzer)'s facebook page

The Master / The Masta

Been on the mic way too long (89), started deejaying 2 years after that. Won alot of dmc/itf battles back in the late 90's early 00's (lost a few too). Released "Smoking Skills" on cassette in 1997 (bet ya cant find a copy of that!), put out aussies 2nd ever battle record (after bonez) "little aussie battler" which is dope as and rare also, then put out the highly slept on full length solo album "From Dole Cheques to Rolex" in 2001 so if ya see that cd, buy it cause its fly. Appeared on tons of aussie compilations like Four Element Effect, Kings of Steel and some others i cant remember or were too wack (apart from my track) to mention.

Did the cuts on almost everybodys albums like a scratch monkey turntable slut. including Bigfoots upcomming Giant Steps album which is pure fire, featuring alot of oz kings. Also Daywalkers Twilight to Daybreak CD. I promote underground launches for only the ill mc's such as Clandestine, Tornts, Hunter, the list goes on and my jams are the best underground jams in Melbourne and you know this!

Im currently working on my new album which will cut your ears off and serve them back to toys in tiny bite sized pieces...


DJ Sheep posted on facebook, on 9th December 2011 :

"Brisbane, make some noise for one of the original MCs and turntablists from our city, Da Masta who is battling with Cancer. Say a prayer for the hommie or do some research. Dude has done a lot for our scene and was a peer and mentor when I was comin' up. :("


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