DJ Hams


graffiti & hip hop DJ
worked at Rockinghorse Records

via DJ Damage: "I [Damage] did my first ever gig/residency upstairs at The Site in the room they used to call The Attic in the summer of '93. Hams, his girlfriend and I used to do a weekly hip-hop, jazz, funk night on Thursdays called 'Burnt Toast'." -- via email 26/02/2014

Hams replied a few times to a spraci thread in 2003 and wrote some of his painting and breaking history (via this archived post) :


Back in the day on the B-Line

Posted by Hams on Tuesday, 4th February 2003 5:53 PM

Aye, thanks for the shoutout Angus.

I personally started painting & breaking summer of 83'
Myself and a couple of friends started painting southside suburbs, loganlee, springwood ect. Then started painting the lines (B-Line was our focus) Starting @ 'Altandi' around 84-85. I don't know, around that time we were riding the trains all over, looking for other active painters (to hook up with) and no one was doing anything! Only a few tags. The guys who were painting the b-line at that time was Myself, Tez, Jafa / Spyda (Blunted Stylus), Lev, Katch, Frickman, Nice, Tony T, (were talking serious productions & letter development). Pieces like: Electro (on altandi), Keg (altandi), Fire & Ice (altandi), Spyda (altandi), Lev (altandi), This is Art (altandi), Look (altandi bridge), Sam & Hams (Rocklea), TNT (Rocklea), Hit Man (Rocklea), Concrete (Sulsbry), Rockstar (fairfield tunnel), Jungle (Vulture St), Jafa & 2You (St Brisbane), Devious (Pk Road), Choice & Tez (Pk Road)

I met Katch & Nice while painting the Altandi Wall in 85', they were taking the train to the gold coast to break with the Smurfs. Scan & Doom (members of the Smurfs) were also painting on the coast around that time.

Around late 85, early 86.......myself and the Altandi / Kuraby / Sunnybank... painters (UAA - United Ausy Artists) formed and allegiance with Vulture St / Woodridge / Wooloowin crew (NuWave) to form MUSK /USK (Maste United Style kings). With this unity a lot of major line painting projects & Style development took place.

'Youngy' a murri writer from Sanki St (West End) was also up everywhere with his signature tag (in poska) in the early 80's through to the mid to late 80's

The others on the above lists came later in the later 80's. (87/88....)
some wer possibly tagging or painting a bit in the burbs but none that we saw on the lines.

hope that gives sort some insight into early brizzo painting days.
If i forgot anyone....sorry

peace Hams


Re: Back in the day on the B-Line

Posted by andyetea on Tuesday, 4th February 2003 8:23 PM


Who painted the piece titled "SPRAY IT DON'T SAY IT" at the Ipswich enterence (to the left as the train arrives - lots of orange) at Toowong station? I've always wanted to remember.



Towong Piece

Posted by Hams on Wednesday, 5th February 2003 12:14 AM

Can't say sorry,
i remember a few pieces there. (87?) or (88 on.....)
Most major spots were painted grey for expo 88.
If its got a grey background i'd say it was after 88, cause QR went on a massive buffing spree to clean up QR property. The only oldschool stuff that was spared was on private property,
ie factories ect .
Until then they rarely buffed pieces- there were exceptions
sometimes if they were on platforms.