DJ Angus - Various top 5 tunes 4 ya'll

here's an old SPRACI post from 28th March 2002 where DJ Angus posted his top 5 tunes.

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Various top 5 tunes 4 ya'll

Posted by Dj Angus on Thursday, 28th March 2002 4:28 AM

Sup all,
Here's my top 5 tunes atm in 45 rare groove/ Nu skool breaks/and House:) I hope some headz dig it, lemmie know
won't ya?
Here goes.......
Latest top 5 funk 45's
1:"Blow your top"-the soul destroyers (Stark reality)
2"Funky so-and-so"-the sugarman three (Daptone)
3"Devils anvil" -eddie warner (Jazzman)
4"Compin'&smokin'inst"-calipso king (soulfire),(actually the best soulfire yet i reckon-get it!)
5."Eel oil"-the bamboo's (bamoo shack)
Anything on the labels 'Stark reality', 'soul-fire','Daptone' and new US 45 label 'Memphix' are definately worth a listen! (Great loud pressings too!

NUSKOOL breaks/dancefloor Bangers!
1:"Fist like this"-'Johnny dangerously vs darren chapman (a 3 track subase weapon from hell on 'funtional breaks' fb0013)
2."thinkin' about you baby/mutate the beat"-those 'finger lickin' kidz
3."the Abyss"-Subho (acetate/ also a nice trance tune on there aswell)
4."the future of this"-flow (bassmekanik-slammin' electrO, even if they've ripped off some sounds from 'Korg's' electribe drum ya!)
5."Soul of man"-dreadzone (finger lickin' ...yeah it ain't brand new but it still a crazy tune/both sides)

House!!!! (last but definately NOT least)
1."give it up" -Jay-j & chris lum (Chez...being on mr Damierz label says enough-smooth garage! NY stylee)
2."the drumbums ep"-steve mac & yosef (disfunktional recordings...D,Tenaglia stylee one side...D,Carter kinda stylee the other's just a dope piece of wax!!!!)
3."Big trouble in little aix ep"-Drexxel (one of the better blackjack releases)
4."End of time ep"-nicolas vallee (uk release liceneced from france...nice)
5."Another night"- Larry heard (trackmode...larry heard is a chi-town legend, he's been around since day dot..this is my fav house track atm, not extremely pummin' but very blissful especially with moodymans(detroit) final touches!)

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