Department of Contemporary Music - Macquarie University

DCMS://MUS211/Digital Rhythms & Dance Cultures/

MUS211 builds an analytical framework for understanding electronic, digital and dance music by investigating the history, technologies and cultures that have contributed, evolved and collapsed into contemporary movements and genres. Case studies highlight the interaction of Hip Hop and Dance Music at local, national and international levels, and shows how the blending of place and identity within these genres is aided and constructed by the use of technology.

Unit Objectives

By the end of the unit students will have been exposed to a wide variety of dance, electronic and hip hop music, history and theory with the purpose of building skills in line with the Division of Humanities wider goals of: Developing independent and analytical judgment; and developing a critical consciousness, informed by an understanding of ethical issues, and a self-reflexive awareness of the reasoned views of others


MUS311://Digital Music Practice: Mixing and DJ-ing

Unit Description:
This unit combines practical workshops on DJ-ing and Mixing with lectures focusing on a critical analysis of these arts. DJ-ing workshops will be run by guest artists addressing topics such as turntabilism and live sound processing. Workshops on mixing will feature both live laptop instrumentation and studio mixing. Lectures will deconstruct mix configurations and highlight issues such as gender, space and audience. This unit will cater to a variety of skill levels with both beginning and advanced students welcome.