chromapark berlin techno art parties

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am looking at old books "Localizer 1.0" and "technoart" (chromapark technoart issue) for inspiration for my final print (assignment). came across this vid (& (slightly related) old netttime ZK proceedings don't think I have any "frontpage" mags from then but would be good to find some.

a google search of images for the "Techno-Zeitschrift" book gives an idea on some of the artwork also

Rushn website (which has a history of Rave section) article "TECHNO ART AND CYBERDELIC VISIONS" mentions the Chromapark and TechnoGraphica technoart festivals.

Co-founder (along with Ralph Regitz) Elsa Wormeck has an article mentioning the 20 year anniversary of Chromapark festivals, which were held in Berlin's E-Werk club, near Checkpoint Charlie. google translated version

See also, David Robb's paper "Techno in Germany: Its Musical Origins and Cultural Relevance" [PDF]

Chromapark '95 was written about in the "X-letter" newsletter. the newsletter is archived here.

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