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Tube Nightclub Recreational Dance Club Facebook group

Tube Nightclub Recreational Dance Club facebook group - people are posting memories and info about Brisbane's clubs

DEF WISH CAST - Aus hip hop pioneers (sydney)

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Posted by AliaK on Saturday, 11th October 2003 4:55 PM

here's some research compiled for an interview prep with sereck around BOTY 2002 time (there's more recent info as well if u google). i've got the tapes from the chat but haven't transcribed them all yet (been slack :( ) sorry I don't have an email, only mobile but it could have changed. u could try contacting Kim @ Rockstar ( as she would know how to reach them

FreeNRG - Notes from the Edge of the Dancefloor

available for download @

FreeNRG is a collection of frontline communiques on technotribes, contemporary musical practices and events transpiring on the fringes of Australian dance culture throughout the nineties. The anthology's 13 essays are written by specialists and affiliates of a spectrum of youth phenomena found at the edge of the dance floor.

Edited by the radical anthropologist Graham St John, FreeNRG describes a series of Australian subcultures who subscribe to an economy of mutual-aid and co-operation, are committed to the non-commodification of art and embrace freedoms of experience and expression. Artists and activists, their cultural output is a product of novel mixtures of pleasure and politics. technicians and esotericists, they pirate technologies in the pursuit of re-enchantment and liberated space.


by blaze

Australia is one of the largest countries on the planet, in
fact it is the largest island nation in the world. This however does
not correlate with its inhabitants. Add 3 or 4 million to the
population of New York and there you have it. Imagine a country the
size of the United States with the pop of NY scattered over it,
mostly on the eastern seaboard, with Sydney holding about 4 million
of that. Forget the inside of Australia, it`s mostly comprised of
hostile deserts. It is also part of the British commonwealth, much

Youth Sound Space (acessdate=2011-03-10)
old url =

The Youth, Sound And Space page is mainly designed as a 'crossroads' of sorts for young academics and researchers who have common interests in youth cultures that involve musical practices and the construction of social space.

Australia and New Zealand Chapter of IASPM: International Association for the Study of Popular Music

Australia and New Zealand Chapter of IASPM: International Association for the Study of Popular Music


IASPM was formed in 1981 out of an international convergence of interests.
It has grown into an international network of over 600 members in 40 countries on 6 continents.

The Australia - New Zealand branch of IASPM explores all forms of popular music in the Pacific region. Members have widely acknowledged expertise in indigenous musics, 'world' musics, the place of music in cinema, Australian recording and live performance histories, fan cultures and industry studies. Members' interests extend across pop, rock, country, rap, hip hop, jazz, techno and folk music forms.

Liquor licencing submissions - nightclubs

appeal for Zan Zi Bar to get a cabaret licence - list of clubs 1994

(x) The study accompanying Mr Challoner's town planning report examined nearby licensed premises and the services offered by them. In close proximity to Zan Zi Bar, the cabaret nightclubs are: Transformers, Mary Street, Sibyls Entertainment Centre, Diamonds, The Gig and Lexington Queen. The hotels/taverns providing entertainment are: The Victory Hotel, The Stock Exchange Hotel, The Port Office Hotel, The Lands Office Hotel, The Treasury Hotel, Friday's Tavern and City Rowers. The four/five star hotels with accommodation and providing entertainment are: The Hilton, The Sheraton, The Mayfair Crest and The Heritage.

Hutcho of FaNaTiK / TeKnoLogY CoRpS - Western Australian rave page

This is a webpage primarily concerned with the history, maintenance and events of the Perth (Western Australian) Rave scene from its inception to present day. You can also get a general run down on myself and my career and that of my crew the Teknology Corps. Inside are links to other pages and scenes all over the and explore to your heart's content.

By Hutcho of FaNaTiK / TeKnoLogY CoRpS
[-= W.Australia's first Rave Page =-]
(Website online since 1st May 1995)

Substance magazine

Substance magazine
last issue in 1997 (??)
10 issues total (??)

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