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A History Of Electronic Music podcast

A History Of Electronic Music podcast is a podcast on the history of electronic music


PART 1 - This part covers the early electronic instruments, the Telharmonium, the Trautonium and the Ondes Martenot and features music from 1930 to 1947 by Paul Hindemith, Olivier Messiaen and others. Track Listing.

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Wed, 2015-01-14

flyers from Scotty

flyers from Scotty

Loved your web site, lots of memories, takes me back to another time long gone. I was backpacking in London in the early 90s [&] by 93 I had come back only to move out of mum and dads with my brother and sister. we rented a place out at chapel hill and proceeded to go to every rave possible, at the time my room was wall papered with rave flyers, I wish I still had some of those early ones but here are a few closer to the end of the 90s. scotty

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Thu, 2014-01-30

possibilities for flyers & memories

a list of possible sources for flyers and memories...

Old Rave flyers thread - pdf version attached

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Fri, 2011-12-09

Sound Tracks: Popular Music, Identity, and Place (book)

Sound Tracks: Popular Music, Identity, and Place
Book by John Connell, Chris Gibson; Routledge, 2002
Globalization--Social Aspects, Music And Geography, Popular Music--Social Aspects
Collections: Entire Library

...1996 Popular Music and Local Identity , Leicester University Press, London and New York. 1999 Another root: Australian hip hop as a global subculture re-territorialising hip hop, in G. Bloustein, ed., Musical Visions , Wakefield Press...

some Sydney references
some dance party references

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Mon, 2011-03-21

Cultures of Popular Music book

Cultures of Popular Music
Book by Andy Bennett; Open University Press, 2001
Music And Youth, Popular Culture, Popular Music--Social Aspects
Collections: Entire Library
ISBN 0335202500

...Identity: Rock, Pop and Rap in Europe and Oceania. London: Leicester University Press. Mitchell, T. (1998) Australian hip hop as a glocal subculture. Paper presented to `Ultimo Series Seminar, University of Sydney, 18 March. Moore,..

6: Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture
- brief paragraph on Sydney / Australian hip hop (pages 100-101)
- quote & reference to Tony Mitchell's book (page 103)

page 100:

page 101:

page 103:

8: Contemporary Dance Music and Club Cultures
- UK based
- history / background

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Mon, 2011-03-21

urban expressions - 1998 hip hop festival

urban expressions - 1998 hip hop festival

Urban Visionaries on the Uprise
A brief description of the Sydney 10-day Hip Hop festival, 'Urban Xpressions'
by: Lady Muse

via Bomb Hip Hop Magazine

archived 2011-03-20 html & pdf

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Mon, 2011-03-21

Changing sounds - new directions and configurations in popular music

Changing sounds : new directions and configurations in popular music : IASPM 1999 International Conference proceedings, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, University of Technology Sydney / edited by Tony Mitchell and Peter Doyle with Bruce Johnson

NSW State Library
Mitchell Library
Q781.63/ 1

National Library of Australia

ISBN 1863653643

other libraries:

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Sun, 2011-03-20

Musical visions - conference proceedings

some extra references for Australian hip hop

IASPM - International Association for the Study of Popular Music - Australia & New Zealeand

Musical visions : selected conference proceedings from the 6th National Australian/New Zealand IASPM Conference and the Inaugural Arnhem Land Performance Conference / edited by Gerry Bloustien

Wakefield Press (1999), South Australia

ISBN 1862545006

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Sun, 2011-03-20

Brisbane Dance Parties Archive Online Book

Brisbane Dance Parties Archive Online Book

the project aims to help document the Brisbane dance parties, hip hop and sound art communities from 1987-2001. I chose this period because it is when I lived in Brisbane and went to many (many) of these events. I relocated to Sydney for work then overseas, then back to Sydney, so I'll probably include some things up to 2004 also (prior to moving o/s). I hope there will one day be a printed & online book - possibly a pdf/ipad book/zine too - until then, this site (& my email) is used to collate information.

Experimental Music Australia

Experimental Music Australia is a growing directory of Australian experimental music makers, audiovisual creators (including collaborating video artists/VJs) and curators. the resources page contains a list of events, organisations, publications and journals on experimental music in Australia, starting with a selection of resources cited in Experimental Music: audio explorations in Australia.

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