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other research - non-Brisbane

MDMA - Manchester District Music Archive

Dennis Remmer mentioned a couple of years ago when I contacted him about his DVD project that the MDMA - Manchester District Music Archive would be a useful model site for a Brisbane archive. I've just taken another look now. it's great! I think we can do this using drupal. I'll take a look at the different content types.

A "Complete" History of popular and obscure Avant Garde, Experimental & Dark-End Music in New Zealand

has a summary of New Zealand's music history
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lists artists from the 'past'
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has a list of artists from the 'present'
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archive site since 2007
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Sun, 2011-03-27

Digital Rhythms and Dance Cultures course readings (Macquarie Uni)


MUS211://Digital Rhythms and Dance Cultures/
Semester 1/ 2005/ Unit Outline
Department of Contemporary Music Studies. Division of Humanities, Macquarie University.

Course Description
MUS211 builds an analytical framework for understanding electronic, digital and dance music by
investigating the history, technologies and cultures that have contributed, evolved and collapsed into
contemporary movements and genres. Case studies highlight the interaction of Hip Hop and Dance
Music at local, national and international levels, and shows how the blending of place and identity

Doin' damage in my native language - Tony Mitchell (hip hop)

Doin' damage in my native language: the use of "resistance vernaculars" in hip hop in France, Italy, and Aotearoa/New Zealand
Popular Music and Society, Fall, 2000 by Tony Mitchell


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list of categories is out of control

I think I've gone overboard on the categories for the articles on the site, but it might make for easier searching and sorting of articles & links. I've enabled multiple categories so articles can be sorted into more than one category. the music genres are loosely based on the Wikipedia's list of electronic music genres as at 05/02/2005.

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