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other research - non-Brisbane

The Birth of Melbourne's Rave Scene - video

A video from Vice/THUMP about the early days of Melbourne's Rave Scene. Features original footage and music from 1990-1999, and firsthand accounts from some of the main players involved in Melbourne's biggest parties and venues of the 90s such as Biology, Global Village Every Picture Tells A Story, M.U.D..

via: THUMP Specials: Rave Days – The Birth of Melbourne's Rave Scene by Lachlan Kanoniuk, published 28 Oct 2015

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Sun, 2017-02-12

Summer of Rave Documentary (UK)

Documentary by the BBC on the development of rave culture in the United Kingdom during the summer of 1989.


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Wed, 2016-02-17

Audible Women

a directory of Australian women in experimental & electronic music compiled by Gail Priest


via http://www.audiblewomen.com/?page_id=2

Audible Women is an online directory for women who make some kind of art that can be listened to. It is open to women who make sound, sound art, noise and music (acoustic or electronic) with a bit of an experimental and exploratory bent—interpret that as you will.


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Mon, 2015-04-20

Lost Venues, Long Nights: An Introduction to Historical Maps of Live Music in Sydney and Melbourne

As with many other industries, live music in Australia has undergone a form of restructuring. Much of this occurred during the 1990s, though it wasn’t so obvious at the time and there were plenty of other interesting things happening, often within stumbling distance of one’s affordable inner-city rental accommodation.

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Mon, 2015-02-02

A History Of Electronic Music podcast

A History Of Electronic Music podcast is a podcast on the history of electronic music

from http://www.triptreeproductions.co.uk/podcasts.html

PART 1 - This part covers the early electronic instruments, the Telharmonium, the Trautonium and the Ondes Martenot and features music from 1930 to 1947 by Paul Hindemith, Olivier Messiaen and others. Track Listing.

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Wed, 2015-01-14

Basic Equipment - Sydney Hip Hop Documentary (1997)

Basic Equipment - Sydney Hip Hop Documentary (1997)

Sydney Hip-Hop Documentary screened in November 1997. Hosted by Sereck of Def Wish Cast/Celsius, it features Sleek The Elite, FWP (Just Us), Def WIsh, Rapid Fire, MC Trey, Cross Fader Raiders (DJ ASK, DJ Bonez), Dr Phibes, Brethren (Wizdom, Mistery) and many more from the Sydney scene.

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Sun, 2012-08-05

Sceno's Subcultural Safari: Bush Doof (episode 1)

Sceno's Subcultural Safari: Bush Doof (episode 1)


Published on 28 Oct 2014

Explore Sydney's untamed bush doof scene with SCENO’S SUBCULTURAL SAFARI.

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Tue, 2014-11-11

chromapark berlin techno art parties

am looking at old books "Localizer 1.0" and "technoart" (chromapark technoart issue) for inspiration for my final print (assignment). came across this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhbL5Yh54Ws (& (slightly related) old netttime ZK proceedings http://www.medialounge.net/lounge/workspace/nettime/) don't think I have any "frontpage" mags from then but would be good to find some.

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Sat, 2014-08-30

Surf’s Up: A New Wave of Sydney Techno

Simon Caldwell wrote an article called "Surf's Up: A New Wave of Sydney Techno" talking about the Sydney techno parties, back in the day, as well as current parties.

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Fri, 2014-08-08
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