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the music

the music

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MC Sabre "Defence Vs Aggression"

Sabre is a devoted MC from Brisbane Australia. He is a committed freestyle MC as well as an experienced lyricist whenever it comes to his written material. Sabre has been heavily involved in the underground Brisbane Hip Hop movement for over a decade. After collaborating & compromising with other artists in the past Sabre has chosen to follow a solo career. This, his debut EP titled "Defence Vs Aggression" proves his confidence in his own lyrical ability by not calling in any guest MC's for the project. Production & cuts are supplied by DJ KODE RED (Brisbane 2003 ITF Champion), KAUTION & ALAN ROCK. Throughout "Defence Vs Aggression" Sabre runs through various styles with ease, displaying a wide variety of skills, touching on a range of topics including deep and personal tracks like "Dedicated", party-vibe tracks such as "Let's Get Started", and cut-throat in your face tracks such as "Enough Is Enough" and "You Don't Wanna". Read more or email for more information


by blaze

Australia is one of the largest countries on the planet, in
fact it is the largest island nation in the world. This however does
not correlate with its inhabitants. Add 3 or 4 million to the
population of New York and there you have it. Imagine a country the
size of the United States with the pop of NY scattered over it,
mostly on the eastern seaboard, with Sydney holding about 4 million
of that. Forget the inside of Australia, it`s mostly comprised of
hostile deserts. It is also part of the British commonwealth, much

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