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VISION FOUR 5 – Ritual of Love EP (reissue)

VISION FOUR 5 – Ritual of Love EP

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Fri, 2016-07-22

DV8 Remixes - Issue 7 cassette

DV8 Remixes - Issue 7 cassette - DV8 Productions 1988

This cassette features music from Criss, Front 242, L'Me L'Ma, Clarence Carter, Boxcar and C.C.C.P.

Side 1
1. With a Boy Like You (F.M. Mix) - Criss - 124 bpm / 6.00
2. Master Hit (4th and Final Mix)- Front 242 - 118 bpm / 6.00
3. Killing Your Heart (Brutal Stab Mix) - L'Me L'Ma - 136 bpm / 5.30

Side 2
1. Strokin' (Full Length Edit) - Clarence Carter - 116 bpm / 7.33
2. Fast Food (Quick Serve Mix) - Boxcar - 140 bpm / 4.00
3. American Soviets (Arms and Weapons Edit) - C.C.C.P - 120 bpm / 7.15

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DJ Edwin
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L'Me L'Ma
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Sat, 1988-10-01 21:00
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Wed, 2014-03-26

Brisbane Dance Parties Archive Online Book

Brisbane Dance Parties Archive Online Book

the project aims to help document the Brisbane dance parties, hip hop and sound art communities from 1987-2001. I chose this period because it is when I lived in Brisbane and went to many (many) of these events. I relocated to Sydney for work then overseas, then back to Sydney, so I'll probably include some things up to 2004 also (prior to moving o/s). I hope there will one day be a printed & online book - possibly a pdf/ipad book/zine too - until then, this site (& my email) is used to collate information.

Graffiti and Urban Space by Ilse Scheepers

Graffiti and Urban Space
by Ilse Scheepers

Honours Thesis 2004 - University of Sydney (Australia)


1. Glossary
2. Introduction
3. Urban Space
4. Gender and Identity
5. Internet
6. Conclusion
7. Bibliography

archived page 10/12/2008 - attached - right click to save locally (if you try to open in another tab/browser page there might be an error)

Slippin' on wax radio show (Toowoomba)

Slippin' on wax radio show

- hip hop radio show broadcast in Toowoomba by bboy Rely from 1992-1994
- mentioned in this Bomb Hip Hop article on bboy Rely by DJ Sheep - an excerpt below :

B: What was the name of your radio show?

R: Slippin' on wax

B: What types of music did you play on the show?

R: Various types of hip-hop from around the globe such as Hijack and Gunshot from the U.K. and all the usual East & West Coast artists from the U.S. at the time. The show started when Def Wish Cast bought out their Mad as a Hatter EP and later released Knights of the Underground Table LP, so we used to play a fair bit of their stuff, as well as Finger Lickin' Good, Fonke Knommads, and other various Australian hip-hop artists.

Dance Music

Dance Music
record store

refer to DJ Katch's mention in the Peak Street article on DJ Angus / DJ Bribe

Skinnys Records

Skinnys Records

Butter Beats Records

Phatt Stuff

Phatt Stuff

Rockinghorse Records

Rockinghorse Records

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