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the djs, the dancers, the dance party people

RIP DJ Angus, MC Sabre, DJ Stuart Dufty, DJ Michael Jordan - sad news this year

there's been some sad news this year - a few of the dance community's favourite people have sadly passed away:

Stuart Dufty (last year) : &

Angus / DJ Bribe :
MC Sabre / Steve :
Michael Jordon (LQs dj) :

some names

I've been trying to remember some of the names of people who went out. I don't think I knew all their last names and some I knew of or only met once but used to see them out and others are just names I remember from then. I was very quiet back then and often went out and didn't talk to many people, though there was always someone I knew out. some names crossed over into multiple periods / clubs

people from school. kathy (me/kath) tolli h, kirsten m, carolyn h, jeanine h, rachel h, mark, charlie, jason? (dj), deanne searle (later flatmate), matthew (curly blonde dancer)(later I met his friend Stuart at work and he worked at cosmos cafe in late 90s - they went to transformers too)

rumours / lqs
margy's friend from school tamara

transformers / lqs / euphoria???
people from work. margy. her friends. dave (art dept), the cameramen - matthew hill (?), murray foote, andrew may, their girlfriends, paul doyle (?)

alarm / gogos / beat / site

DJ Gracie - profile

In Brisbane, dj Gracie is a name that seems to be glued into any sentence when a "who plays the best house music?" topic is raised. He arrived in Australia in 92 from Glasgow and quickly set about launching the Cities 1st House night at the Site nightclub, called Icon in the Attick.

He was the 1st to introduce dj's into bars, at the Chill bar & in the process, create a brace of nights including Lift that has passed into early Brisbane clubbing folklore.

DJ Barking Boy - 2005 profile

Dubbed "The Icon of the Brisbane Dance Scene" by Australian Foxtel's "Channel V", Barking Boy (aka Troy Linthorne) is broadly regarded as one of Australia's most respected harder-edged DJs.

DJ Jen E - Central Station Records 2005 profile

DJ Jen E - Central Station Records 2005 profile

If there was one DJ's name that is (unanimously) synonymous with Brisbane's club and party scene's fondest memories, it would have to be none other than the lady herself: Jen E.

It would be an understatement to call her a pioneer of her field when you consider that it was almost a decade ago that she began her hair brained scheme to become ... "What? A DJ??"

dance party people

the djs, the dancers, the dance party people

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