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the djs, the dancers, the dance party people

a list of brisbane-based experimental musicians and performance artists who just happen to be women/trans/non-binary

a list of brisbane-based experimental musicians and performance artists who just happen to be women / trans / non-binary

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Wed, 2018-03-28

DJ Haiku

DJ Haiku aka Adrian Matyear - see his site which has over 400 articles on Brisbane DJs. He also manages which probably has the most complete list of recent DJ biographies in Brisbane. definitely worth checking out for info outside the scope of this project.

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Wed, 2014-11-19

DJ Edwin - Wikipedia page

DJ Edwin Wikipedia page - as at 24/03/2014

PDF file version

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Sat, 2014-03-22 21:00
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DJ Betty

DJ Betty (born Stephen Whiteman) was a DJ at The Beat nightclub.

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Mon, 2014-03-24

DJ TiAmos

DJ TiAmos aka Andrew Vines

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Mon, 2014-03-24

top 2001 tracks - Brisbane SPRACI message boards

this is parts of the Brisbane SPRACI message boards thread from 2001 where board members listed their top songs/artists from 2001. I can't read the threaded versions of posts so this might be an incomplete list

journeyman starts the thread off...

2001 the tune

Posted by journeyman on Thursday, 27th December 2001 2:15 AM

big tunes of 2001 anyone want to kick it off !


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Fri, 2011-12-09

DJ Angus - Various top 5 tunes 4 ya'll

here's an old SPRACI post from 28th March 2002 where DJ Angus posted his top 5 tunes.

pdf of the post attached

Various top 5 tunes 4 ya'll

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Fri, 2011-12-09

DJ & MC The Master (The Masta)

bio from Dijay Masta (Jason Belzer)'s facebook page

The Master / The Masta


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Fri, 2011-12-09

DJ Damage - wikipedia

DJ Damage (born Darren Pearson) is an Australian hip hop DJ and turntablist from Brisbane, Australia. He started in hip hop culture via breaking and buying records in 1983. DJ Damage was in Brisbane mid 90s hip hop group Towering Inferno, and a member of the Big Rigs six turntable DJ team from the same period. DJ Damage is currently a member of The Optimen and turntablist crew the Terntable Jediz. He is also a member of Brisbane new jazz and funk band Step It Up.

[edit] Towering Inferno

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Tue, 2011-04-19

DJ Damage - Towering Inferno

Towering Inferno was a hip hop group comprising of Lazy Grey, DJ Damage and B-Boy Flex—refer to Towering Inferno page.

B-Boy Flex is aka Madhat aka Ron B Me

bboy flex contact via DJ Frenzie - Shannon

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Sun, 2011-04-17
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