the dance parties, clubs and venues

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the clubs, parties, venues

venue : The Go Go Club

The Go Go Club

Go Go's nightclub

DJ Strangemaster and Zentraedi at Go Go Club, Technorama party, 13 August 1991 - photo via Zentraedi's facebook photo

venue : Alarm

Alarm - The Club

venue : Transformers

Transformers nightclub in the city


Stratus was a club on the North side of Brisbane at the Homestead Hotel in Zillmere, where the Zillmere Hotel is today.

"Stratus the Ultimate Atmosphere"

1986 Stratus ticket via Mark

There's a Stratus Facebook group where people share memories of the club.

Stratus opened in 1985. I used to attend from 1986/7-'88.

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dance parties, clubs and venues

the clubs, parties, venues

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