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Sundae, managed by DJ Haiku / Adrian Matyear has the most complete list of recent DJ biographies in Brisbane.

Sundae is held every Sunday at Watt (Powerhouse Museum, by the river) from 2pm - 9pm

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Labyrinth was a nightclub that appeared in various inner city hotels in 1993 and 1994. has a sample of flyers for the club. The music styles played at the club were indie, pop, grunge, metal, manchester and gothic. It was held at the Normanby Hotel and The Actress and the Bishop hotel at various times on Wednesday and Friday nights.

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Liquor licencing submissions - nightclubs

appeal for Zan Zi Bar to get a cabaret licence - list of clubs 1994

(x) The study accompanying Mr Challoner's town planning report examined nearby licensed premises and the services offered by them. In close proximity to Zan Zi Bar, the cabaret nightclubs are: Transformers, Mary Street, Sibyls Entertainment Centre, Diamonds, The Gig and Lexington Queen. The hotels/taverns providing entertainment are: The Victory Hotel, The Stock Exchange Hotel, The Port Office Hotel, The Lands Office Hotel, The Treasury Hotel, Friday's Tavern and City Rowers. The four/five star hotels with accommodation and providing entertainment are: The Hilton, The Sheraton, The Mayfair Crest and The Heritage.

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