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VISION FOUR 5 – Ritual of Love EP (reissue)

VISION FOUR 5 – Ritual of Love EP

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Fri, 2016-07-22

Audible Women

a directory of Australian women in experimental & electronic music compiled by Gail Priest


Audible Women is an online directory for women who make some kind of art that can be listened to. It is open to women who make sound, sound art, noise and music (acoustic or electronic) with a bit of an experimental and exploratory bent—interpret that as you will.


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Mon, 2015-04-20

DV8 Remixes - Issue 7 cassette

DV8 Remixes - Issue 7 cassette - DV8 Productions 1988

This cassette features music from Criss, Front 242, L'Me L'Ma, Clarence Carter, Boxcar and C.C.C.P.

Side 1
1. With a Boy Like You (F.M. Mix) - Criss - 124 bpm / 6.00
2. Master Hit (4th and Final Mix)- Front 242 - 118 bpm / 6.00
3. Killing Your Heart (Brutal Stab Mix) - L'Me L'Ma - 136 bpm / 5.30

Side 2
1. Strokin' (Full Length Edit) - Clarence Carter - 116 bpm / 7.33
2. Fast Food (Quick Serve Mix) - Boxcar - 140 bpm / 4.00
3. American Soviets (Arms and Weapons Edit) - C.C.C.P - 120 bpm / 7.15

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DJ Edwin
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L'Me L'Ma
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Sat, 1988-10-01 21:00
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Wed, 2014-03-26

who from "wayback" is producing music

a 2003 thread where a Brisbane SPRACI member asks who from "wayback" is producing music. DJ Angus and Jamie K reply - Angus receives some feedback on whether people think his old tapes would be of interest to others (yes) and he calls his friend DJ Damage, "Brisbane's best technical dj" which is high praise indeed (and true).

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Fri, 2011-12-09
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