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Surf’s Up: A New Wave of Sydney Techno

Simon Caldwell wrote an article called "Surf's Up: A New Wave of Sydney Techno" talking about the Sydney techno parties, back in the day, as well as current parties.

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Fri, 2014-08-08

Sex Shop thread on the RIP DJ Edwin group

Sex Shop thread on the RIP DJ Edwin group

late on the evening of 21st March 2014, there was a thread about the Sex Shop nights held in Brisbane in the early 1990s — it must have been around 1992/3 when the Sex Shop was open. the club only ran for a few months — six months maximum. memories were shared about this club and others around the same time.

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Sat, 2014-03-22

Strawberry Fields forever: Inside Queensland’s first iconic, anarchic rave (article by Kris Swales)

Kris Swales has written an excellent article called "Strawberry Fields forever: Inside Queensland’s first iconic, anarchic rave" and published it on ITM. he interviews Michael Watt, Peter Brown, Brenton Crooks: AKA DJ Thief, Jenny Juckel: AKA Jen-e, Peewee Ferris and Jeff Polley

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Wed, 2014-01-29

spraci poem - 2003

this is a poem posted by Trance_Wizard in August 2003. by this time the Brisbane Message Boards of SPRACI were not used as often by regular Brisbane dance party people - only a small group of semi-regular posters remained.

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Spraci Mah!

There once was a board system called spraci
Where everyone came talky all tacky
Crakar, Masta, Freq, AndyTea
Kam, Scute and even Me
Posted for lunch, dinner and Morning Tea.
A lot of lurkers

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top 2001 tracks - Brisbane SPRACI message boards

this is parts of the Brisbane SPRACI message boards thread from 2001 where board members listed their top songs/artists from 2001. I can't read the threaded versions of posts so this might be an incomplete list

journeyman starts the thread off...

2001 the tune

Posted by journeyman on Thursday, 27th December 2001 2:15 AM

big tunes of 2001 anyone want to kick it off !


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Fri, 2011-12-09

Tube Nightclub Recreational Dance Club Facebook group

Tube Nightclub Recreational Dance Club facebook group - people are posting memories and info about Brisbane's clubs

argon one party - via spraci brisbane message board


Posted by andyetea on Tuesday, 24th December 2002 2:44 AM

Hey, anyone remember the morning of "ARGON ONE?"

A micro story: Winged Keys had to be 'eaten' - security warnings at the door, huge crowd for a WAREHOUSE RAVE, I think it was one of Brisbane's first. Talking 'head' at the enterence and full body check, spun people that 'type' of security did not exist in 1992, got in everytihng 'melded' on, lightless 'porta - loos' bad on Keys but also FUNNY, danced walked around....??????? ummmm.....went to friend's unit, had a glowing sand - witch, fell off chairs, took a taxi back o the morning of ARGON ONE again, past cemetery - ghosts rise out of graves.......and fake bodies hug taxi.........reached 'sanity' - only to hear 'mikes' being BANGED and CRUNCHED and screamed through..........danced some more..........and talked..........(at that time in 'RAVE HISTORY' persons felt 'it was like a SYDNEY RAVE.......had some easter eggs and chilled with SATAN........

some spraci posts 2000 onwards

I can't find any of my older spraci posts from the 90s - will need to check with Michael MD.

but here's links to some I've found. not all are memory of early dance / electronic community though. I haven't had time to sort through them yet.


[ POST |


history of dnb in brisbane (controversial??) - via spraci post

another post from spraci - where all the discussion happened a few years back & people reminisced.

this one's a little controversial. so skip over the politics, though it does happen a bit in brisbane so I guess is reflective of the place in one respect

WTF Journeyman??????

Posted by Neurojack on Tuesday, 11th December 2001 3:00 PM


>at last this sound has been exposed to so many headz for the first time, matt(neurojack) and myself have been pushing this sound over the years...

ABC Online - Sounds like Techno
Sounds like Techno doco - interviews - text & audio
mostly Sydney & Melbourne related

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