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Fashion - Brisbane Arcade

Brisbane Arcade: the crux of Queensland’s couture - By Caroline Gardam (PDF file)
Celebrating 90 years of Brisbane Arcade's fashion & couture

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Thu, 2018-01-04


Hyaena was a shop in Brisbane with local designers fashions as well as interstate designs.

At home I think I still have a gift voucher that I didn't end up giving to the person who I bought it for. It was hand drawn / painted on gold paper.

The store was on George Streeet in the city. I remember we used to go in most Saturday afternoons and browse. Margy was studying fashion at the time, or perhaps it was before that and this helped her along the path. Mark & her used to find the cool outfits. Mark used to wear the really colourful tops. This was the acid house days so bright colours were in, swirls, even those 70s prints and styles. Around the same time was the white overalls era and the girls in black catsuits.

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