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finally, an update..

well, I ended up dropping out of my course, and became rather busy at work so as you can see this site was left to the wayside for a while.

I started collecting bios/profiles for artists on again this week to try archive some info on the artists. Dave / DRi mentioned there was a thread on ITM from Dennis Remmer of Transcom who's working on a dvd project on the history of Brisbane's music community. see the Needed - Veterans of the Brisbane scene thread

So this triggered me into posting again here. I'll upload some of the profiles from to here also as an extra reference. and try posting more memories. it really is bad how much I've forgotten. though some things are really clear - but just a few seconds of it all. I can remember the feelings the most.

list of categories is out of control

I think I've gone overboard on the categories for the articles on the site, but it might make for easier searching and sorting of articles & links. I've enabled multiple categories so articles can be sorted into more than one category. the music genres are loosely based on the Wikipedia's list of electronic music genres as at 05/02/2005.

thoughts over coffee

not in any order..

site features:
- projects and issues module - to track todo items and research items
- calendar - hopefully the new version of drupal will have an updated calendar module with more features such as recurring events

- pdf files of street press or online search of street press. does this exist? would they be interested in sending back issues to be converted to pdf and used as source material? check dates for which would be relevant
- could send these to libraries or for archival purposes also if they are interested

initial post - project ramblings

well, the site has been uploaded and is in it's initial stages. I'm planning on using the blog section as a running account of how the project is progressing and as a method of documenting the documentation process as a whole. though I suspect it will turn into a stream of conciousness of thoughts as well, hopefully not too rambling. I'm enrolled in a Bachelors of Internet Communication course (external) which is starting in Feb/March - this will be interesting to see how I go with studying from overseas, but I'm hoping this documentation project might keep me focused and on track, and perhaps one day it might be used as part of my course, either officially or unofficially. even the process of documentation should raise some issues with regards to studying and the best methods to use. the empyre list is discussing archiving websites this month so this is also a timely issue.

list of things to do in the initial stages:
- set up the structure of the site in a slightly more logical manner
- create help information and templates to assist people in posting their stories

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