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MC Sabre "Defence Vs Aggression"

Sabre is a devoted MC from Brisbane Australia. He is a committed freestyle MC as well as an experienced lyricist whenever it comes to his written material. Sabre has been heavily involved in the underground Brisbane Hip Hop movement for over a decade. After collaborating & compromising with other artists in the past Sabre has chosen to follow a solo career. This, his debut EP titled "Defence Vs Aggression" proves his confidence in his own lyrical ability by not calling in any guest MC's for the project. Production & cuts are supplied by DJ KODE RED (Brisbane 2003 ITF Champion), KAUTION & ALAN ROCK. Throughout "Defence Vs Aggression" Sabre runs through various styles with ease, displaying a wide variety of skills, touching on a range of topics including deep and personal tracks like "Dedicated", party-vibe tracks such as "Let's Get Started", and cut-throat in your face tracks such as "Enough Is Enough" and "You Don't Wanna". Read more or email for more information

Travelling KaleidoscopiK Candle Bonanza

TKCB - Its Not a Drug, It's a Light Show
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Strawberry Fields photos by Michael Watt

Michael Watt has posted more great photos from Strawberry Fields

Updated over a year ago · Taken at Strawberry Fields Queensland Australia
Queensland's first out door electronic music festivals held in mountain valleys and sugar cane fields in Gold Coast & Brisbane hinterland circa 93-95.

flyers on Facebook

there's PLENTY of old dance party flyer in the photo sections of these facebook groups

Brisbane Old Skool

Tunnel Nightclub - Gold Coast 89 - 95 or there abouts

Dj Angus aka Dj Bribe Memorial

Vision Four 5 - interview 2003

"Silver Stars" Shine Brightly for Vision Four 5

RIP DJ Angus, MC Sabre, DJ Stuart Dufty, DJ Michael Jordan - sad news this year

there's been some sad news this year - a few of the dance community's favourite people have sadly passed away:

Stuart Dufty (last year) : &

Angus / DJ Bribe :
MC Sabre / Steve :
Michael Jordon (LQs dj) :

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