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some Brisbane DJ / music artists biographies - featured on briz:b:e:a:t:s 2000-2004

some Brisbane DJ / music artists biographies can be found @

gradually they're being sorted & copied here too

DJ Neurojack

::: Neurojack :::

Neurojack plays progressive drum'n'bass, downtempo through to progressive breaks and house. He has played all other styles of drum'n'bass and jungle since 1992 (making him the first drum'n'bass dj in QLD), and house, breaks, techno, trance since 1988. On last week's show his downtempo/house set was played which went down a treat, especially with the UK listeners.

His DJing experience over the last 10 years or so has had him playing at parties & radio shows such as : The Verve (Byron Bay), Sundance Festival, Future01 warehouse party, Home Nightclub (Sydney) [support for LTJ Bukem], Two Tribes [b2b with Arion (UK/GLR)], Rinseout, Bottom Heavy [with Shimon (RAM recordings)], Local Motion (Melbourne) [Red One - Liftin Spirit/UK], Advent*jah Festival [LTJ Bukem support], Moving Target, Dragonflight NYE Festivals, Divercity, Zen Parties, Creation, DnB Social Club, La Discotheque, Progression, Sub Tropic, Head Funk, Area 51, Rewind, The Other World Festival (UK), Junglizm (Brighton/UK), GoodBar(Sydney), Epic, Toowoomba Radio, Beyond the Brain(Byron Bay), Superstition(Mr C, Shamen), The Lab, BPM (4ZzZ radio), Land's Office (Clan Analogue), Underworld, Nasa, Ritual, The Zoo, 4ZzZ Market Day, Frequency (4zzz), and QLD Uni O Week parties.

For booking and further information email Neurojack @ mdemedici @

DJ Chris Tisdell

:::::: DJ Chris Tisdell ::::::

CHRIS TISDELL bio May 2001

Music With Emotion; Progressive House and Trance for the Advanced

"A forefather of the progressive scene in South-East Queensland"
......... Passion Promotional Flyer

"Brisbane's most respected progressive Dj"
......... Time Off Magazine

"Phenomenal Dj"
......... Scene Magazine

"A mixing style which has been described as seamless"
......... Rave Magazine

"Technically brilliant"
......... DC Magazine

......... Reddog Live Reporting, Firehorse Publications

Salo Jones - 2000 profile

:::::: Salo Jones ::::::

Salo Jones has always been passionate about music, and when the acid house revolution began around 1989 he quickly caught on to the vibe. Frequenting such seminal clubs as The Tunnel on the Gold Coast, The Beat in Brisbane and landmark raves such as the first Adrenalins, he had found his musical niche.

He first spun records in 1993, but didn't take up seriously spinning until purchasing his own decks in 1994 whilst living in the UK. Inspired by such legendary DJs as Sasha, Digweed, Laurent Garnier, Ritchie Hawtin and Danny Rampling, coupled with frequenting arguable the best clubs in the world, there was no turning back for this boy.

Salo plays a dark, dubby, tribal mix of beats and breaks. From Nu Skool Breaks through to deep house, tech house and progressive trance. This is music to close your eyes, stand in front of the speakers and dance for hours to. Throbbing, sexy basslines, tearing riffs and voodoo like beats make it impossible for punters to stand still.

DJ Angus - 2000 profile

:::::: DJ ANGUS ::::::
DJ Angus first commenced DJ'ing 15 years ago and today utilises his legendary DJ scratching skills to rock the floors of Australia and New Zealand. Angus rapidly accomplished the recognition of putting Brisbane on the national map by 1990 via winning a succession of highly comptetivie DJ competitions and has supported and trained with DJ's from major international Hip Hop acts such as Public Enemy, Run DMC and DJ Scratch. He also became state champion and national champion in the DMC Finals in Sydney.

By this time Angus was considered, as one of Australia's most technically proficient DJ's, leading to his successful residency at 'The Beat" nightclub in Brisbane from 1991 to 1995 where he started playing house, techno and electro. From 1995-1998 Angus moved to become resident at "The Tube' nightclub and since then has rocked with many major international players such as Carl Cox, Sasha, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, John Digweed, Mark Farina, Carl Craig and Derrick Carter (back to back).

As well as playing nationally and internationally, Angus has been the resident radio DJ at 4ZZZ for 8 Years on their dance show "Crucial Cutz" along with Peter Mogg - Brisbane's most popular and original dance music programme.

Angus' personal highlights included providing the scratching for Digweed's Bedrock remix of "Intoxication" by React 2 Rhythm (1997 release) and playing back to back with his current and long time friend Derrick Carter whose Chicago House influence is breathless.

His skills are nothing short of perfect and his ability to motivate and capture crowds is insightful. DJ Angus is one of, if not the best DJs in the country.

In summary, having led a career in the Australian dance scene spanning over 15 years, Angus has rocked both parties both national and internationally alongside the world's best acts and is noted as
this country's best export in the fields on DJing and production. Look forward to several up and coming CD launches and major productions.

[parts of DJ Angus' bio courtesy of Richie Rich]

::: bio via

27/10/2010 - pdf version of page attached

Reunion Rave is Everything you Need ::: Vision Four 5 (LIVE) 10th October 2008 @ The MET in Brisbane

Reunion Rave is happening 10th October 2008 @ The MET in Brisbane so book your tix now!

DJs playing the best of 90's Classic House, Techno and Rave Anthems. The MET: Vision Four 5 (Live), Jumping Jack, Paul Holden, Sasha Vatoff, Rousey, Darren James, Kesson, Thief, Dizzy. Coco: Pete Smith, Dope & Dusted, Nick Galea. Bamboo: Mr Sparkle

:: Vision Four 5 (Live) ::

In 1990, "Vision Four 5" was formed as a live dance music act that challenged the perception of what live music could be, with interactive video technology and immersive live performances.

The line up changed through the first few years to settle from 1993-1997 with members Noel Burgess (Music), Tim Gruchy (Video/Interactives), Ben Suthers (Music) and Al Ferguson (Video/Animation). In this time Vision Four 5 produced 2 albums, Texture (1993) and Humid (1995) and numerous singles on Volition Records/Sony Music. They toured Australia constantly playing raves, clubs Big Day Out and remixed many other artists in this time.

The rave hit "Everything You Need" was one of the highest selling Australian 12" singles and the more radio friendly "Funkify Yourself" crossed over to become both a club and national radio hit.

The Vision Four 5 live performance incorporated a Mandala interactive system to utilize movement in the stage "control zone" to maniplulate any aspect of video processing, animation or the music as well as live camera's and a full state-of-the-art music studio onstage. The result was a truly unique, immersive and synchronous experience.

All of the members of the band have pursued their specialist field since 1997 and live/work in various parts of the globe.

In October, Ben and Noel are bringing back the music of Vision Four 5 for "Back Again" in Sydney and "Reunion" in Brisbane to remind audiences that Vision Four 5 is "Everything You Need"

read more for details or see the facebook event

read an interview with Noel Burgess from Vision Four 5 (2003)

Kruegger's Critter - Vision Four 5 video

Kruegger's Critter - Vision Four 5 (Live)

Everything you need - Vision Four 5 video

Everything you need - Vision Four 5 (VOLITION)

S~U~N~D~E~X (2002)

As the cold winter chill begins to lift and the body starts warming up, it's time to leave the annual state of hibernation and head out and about to see what new adventures await. As Brisbane Exhibition is just around the corner, people will be looking for a place to escape from the westerly winds and catch up with friends in a cosy atmosphere. With the current shortage of club venues in Brisbane, a new one on the market, The Winery could be the next place to take off. Situated in Davies Park, South Brisbane, it has a a couple of levels and a deck which overlooks the Brisbane River - no longer do the great views belong exclusively to the city crowd! August 2002

One collective who are hosting a weekly night at The Winery are the Ravebreak crew. These guys have previously organised Ravebreak Island parties down the Gold Coast and are the people behind the chill/ravebreak room at Advent*jah festivals. S~U~N~D~E~X is a new Sunday club commencing mid-August. I had the chance to speak to Michael Walsh aka DJ M from the Ravebreak crew about this new night and Sunday clubs in general :

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