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Vision Four 5 - 2002 biography

Vision Four 5 - 03/10/2002 biography

this was provided as background info prior to the "Silver Stars" article

biography text from pdf biography :


VISION FOUR 5 - a live music experience at the edge of physical

VISION FOUR 5 - an interactive, multiple media dance music maelstrom.
This summer VISION FOUR 5 is reinvented and reinvigorated to electrify
major Raves, Dance Party venues and events. Utilising the latest in
digital video and audio technology, VISION FOUR 5 once again creates a
totally unique audio-visual environment.

VISION FOUR 5 "the live show" consists of Noel Burgess composing and
producing the music and Mike Crane designing and creating the visual
stimuli. VISION FOUR 5 utilises real time interactive interfaces to
control and manipulate the video and audio and truly push the limits of
today’s technology to provide a total sensory experience.

VISION FOUR 5 emerged in the early 90’s and evolved as a crucial

Chris Tisdell - audio interview for briz:b:e:a:t:s

Chris Tisdell - audio interview for briz:b:e:a:t:s

26/07/2002 file date - audio must have been earlier than this as it was done in brisbane but I moved to sydney in mid 2001. so I must have copied the file or edited it in 2002

- transcript to follow

spraci posts

a few spraci posts I found on my old hard drive. I didn't save the urls though - so will look for these ..
they seem to be from 1999

+ some html bookmarks from 1999 (& previous years)

Sven's flyers

(in progress)

Sven uploaded his flyers :

they are now available in the flyer gallery

I can't sleep
Technophonic Rhythms
Sat 10-5
646 Ann St The Valley
DJ's Peter Mogg, Strangemaster, Zentraedi, DJ Thief


Saturday 9th May 1992
Space Plentitude
43 Adelaide St Brisbane
10pm til 9am
Info Line 0055 31066


Tamborine Dance Carnival
Saturday May 9th


Hinterland Hype II
Saturday May 9th
A private party at Tamborine Memorial Hall
Leggs Galore
Mardi Gras Dancers
Available : Bus Travel, Dancing Platforms, Refreshments, Camping Sites, Ice Cream Parlour
Tickets $20
Available : Lyn Hadley (Albert St), MASK (Broadway)
Sound and Lighting by Peter Kiwi Sydney


2 Mystery Inner City Locations - locations printed on tickets
Saturday August 1st
10pm - 8am
Mark Bryce
Darren S
10K Turbo Sound System
Laser Fx and Intel Light System

thanks & credits

a HUGE thank you to everyone supporting this project and giving permission for use of photos, flyers, stories, ideas and memories!

the site is (slowly) being updated - apologies if I'm a bit slow..

I'm uploading the flyers, photos to the site so a local url will be used, mostly to try stop information being lost if internet links on other sites change (as has happened in the past). Links to the original urls and credit to the owners will be mentioned in the posts.

especially these people (no particular order) :

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artist: Andy Arthurs

Andy Arthurs

- conservatorium of music lecturer
- check influences for Noel/Ben/Greg/Gavin/Rebecca
- and course name
- vision four 5's nye gig in sydney 1992 with prodigy. the guys stayed at his place. and there were often parties that he & andrew brown and the other con people were at (from what I remember)
- so check if he was a major influence for the bands

AMO interview - link seems dead

Peter Brown (promoter) - 1995 GRAND ORBIT photo by Michael Watt

Peter Brown (promoter)

photo of Peter Brown and Nikki Z at Grand Orbit (SOHO) 1995 by Michael Watt - in "REUNION RAVE BRISBANE : GRAND ORBIT" album

Featured in this photo Peter Brown and Nikki Z.

Brownie of course my partner in crime with alot of the parties and Nikki was the owner of the Alarm.

-- photo description by Michael Watt

DJ Golde - 2001 biography for briz:b:e:a:t:s radio

DJ Golde 2001 biography for briz:b:e:a:t:s show on 11/03/2001

:::::: DJ Golde ::::::

With ten years experience in the Dance Community, is no wonder DJ Golde is a name synomonous around Brisbane. From his early beginnings as a humble doorman at one of the early nineties clubbing institutions, "The Site", he has fast become one of the most well known and respected DJ's around town. With his general interest in the scene secure, Golde's involvement extended to achievements including coordinating the security for "Strawberry Fields", Australia's largest outdoor Dance event and various NASA and Adrenalins events.

Witnessing local DJ's such as Angus, Barking Boy and Edwin convinced Golde to acquire the basics to mixing and create a style of his own.

It wasn't until 1995 that he finally fulfilled his ambition,
persevering with the negatives and played his first DJ set at a self-promoted party alongside friend DJ Hurricane.


BROKE interview by Lady Muse (HYPE Magazine via Bomb Hip Hop)

Bomb Hip Hop article BROKE interview by Lady Muse
saved 12/09/2008 - saved html copy attached
pdf version - saved 27/10/2010

(ed: I've added paragraph breaks for easier reading)


interview by Lady Muse

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