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DJ Darren Pritchard

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Graffiti and Urban Space by Ilse Scheepers

Graffiti and Urban Space
by Ilse Scheepers

Honours Thesis 2004 - University of Sydney (Australia)


1. Glossary
2. Introduction
3. Urban Space
4. Gender and Identity
5. Internet
6. Conclusion
7. Bibliography

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restructuring the site slightly

I'm restructuring the site slightly to make it easier to link the information together more seamlessly and to present it better too. some links might change as I move things around.

also many people have given permission for their photos & flyers to be included on the site - hopefully the restructure will make this easier also, so then I can start uploading them (to save changing more stories later)


update 15/02/2009 : sorry, there's currently a problem with the flyers (after a site upgrade) - hopefully this will be working again soon

Trans:Com T newsletters & label

The Transmission Communications / Trans:Com label published newsletters called "T" from 1994 to 2006 (& possibly longer - I only have them up to 2006). These newsletters are a great insight into the label and bands released on the label as well as commentary about the Brisbane community in general - different styles are mentioned from experimental, electronic, techno, industrial & more.


the wayback machine has archived pages from their current site url back to 2000*/

the label's previous site url, is archived from 1998 - 2003 on the wayback machine*/


info about the label from the trans:com site :

About Trans:Com

Murray Antill aka Stormboy - myspace bio

biography from

About murray antill
Mounting a successful comeback in the music game is something of an impossible mission, especially if you’ve turned your back on a sky-rocketing career to spend the best part of a decade hidden away in a rainforest in northern Australia. But Brisbane-based producer and live act Murray Antill has handled the return from the wilderness with ease, blowing a new generation of local clubbers away with his dark and dirty take on the progressive and tech house sound.

It all kicked off for Antill in the late 1990s, when he was best known in Brisbane clubland as seminal house/trance act Stormboy and half of psy-trance duo Alphanaut. As Stormboy Antill was the pre-eminent live act of the time, racking up supports for the likes of John Digweed, Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills, having his track 'Voices' featured in the classic Australian TV series The Secret Life Of Us, and releasing two well-received EPs and a self-titled album – Brisbane street magazine Time Off lauded 1997's Stormboy as 'A cornerstone for Brisbane and Australian electronic music.'

Aussie Underground - Sound Art article

Aussie Underground by Jon Dale (January 2001) is an article about Australian sound art and experimental music artists.

DJ Angus - 1996 profile

SPRACI's DJ Angus profile page has information from May 1996 3D World magazine

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Entrance digizine

Entrance digizine - there are seven issues available to download from the en•trance website

info below from :

entrance - the digizine (digital magazine) for Trance music lovers around the globe.

entrance believes the Global Trance Community is more than a slogan or buzzword. We believe there are talented people that want to share their original work and receive due recognition for it. We also believe there are hundreds of websites that publish largely to their micro communities and whose work often goes unnoticed. As a downloadable digital magazine that goes directly to subscribers, we provide the canvas to publish and deliver that content to a global audience all in one package.

Become a subscriber to entrance and every two months you can receive our FREE full colour PDF magazine directly from the DOWNLOAD page. We keep you informed, up-to-date, and excited about the Global Trance community through our quality articles, interviews, news, reviews, events and photos. And we have the latest hotlinks that take you directly from our magazine to FREE music downloads.

Trance is a form of a music that binds a spiritual and political community. Live it, love it, dance it - and now you can now read and write about it. A FREE digizine that's for and about YOU and the music you love to hear. Be it old Trance, new Trance, red Trance or blue Trance, we guarantee you'll find something in entrance that will have your mind dancing with possibilities. We keep you informed, up-to-date, and excited about the global Trance community through our quality articles, reviews and graphics. And we have the latest news on events, fashion, politics as well as links to the hottest downloads.

issue 1
issue 2
issue 3
issue 4
issue 5
issue 6
issue 7

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Argon One - memories of andytea (spraci)

via SPRACI :


Posted by andyetea on Tuesday, 24th December 2002 2:44 AM

Hey, anyone remember the morning of "ARGON ONE?"

A micro story: Winged Keys had to be 'eaten' - security warnings at the door, huge crowd for a WAREHOUSE RAVE, I think it was one of Brisbane's first. Talking 'head' at the enterence and full body check, spun people that 'type' of security did not exist in 1992, got in everytihng 'melded' on, lightless 'porta - loos' bad on Keys but also FUNNY, danced walked around....??????? ummmm.....went to friend's unit, had a glowing sand - witch, fell off chairs, took a taxi back o the morning of ARGON ONE again, past cemetery - ghosts rise out of graves.......and fake bodies hug taxi.........reached 'sanity' - only to hear 'mikes' being BANGED and CRUNCHED and screamed through..........danced some more..........and talked..........(at that time in 'RAVE HISTORY' persons felt 'it was like a SYDNEY RAVE.......had some easter eggs and chilled with SATAN........

Beneath the Mirror Ball documentary - ABC TV

this spraci post mentions a Dance Culture show on 4 Corners - ABC Monday, 4th June 2001

the ABC website has a site for it : Beneath the Mirror Ball

here's the transcript

also related :

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