Brisbane Dance Parties Archive Online Book

Brisbane Dance Parties Archive Online Book

the project aims to help document the Brisbane dance parties, hip hop and sound art communities from 1987-2001. I chose this period because it is when I lived in Brisbane and went to many (many) of these events. I relocated to Sydney for work then overseas, then back to Sydney, so I'll probably include some things up to 2004 also (prior to moving o/s). I hope there will one day be a printed & online book - possibly a pdf/ipad book/zine too - until then, this site (& my email) is used to collate information.

I am working on a timeline and ideally, I'd like to include long form articles and interviews with artists and fellow members of the community where possible. has the full list of articles (so far). there's a LOT missing still, many names, artists/groups, events, so please be patient. I am interested in speaking to & including memories of DJs, music artists, crew, and people in the crowds & on the dance floor who all made the period and parties so special — I think it was/is an amazing community to be a part of and to see the birth & growth of a new style of music and sounds & development of existing genres and sounds in my home city (of course it was also happening overseas and interstate at the same time too).

I've upgraded the site software to fix the broken-images-issue, so hopefully they'll be online again soon. I'm in the process of sorting the articles into different 'chapters' too, so things may be changing. hopefully I can streamline things soon to make it easier to navigate

the project is in research stage - I work on this in my *spare* (!?) time so it's moving slowly, but surely

a HUGE thank you to everyone who has provided flyers, memories, information and contact details

this site is archived by the National Library's PANDORA project at - (read this for more details)

if anyone has stories/photos/flyers they'd like included in the archive, please let me know : aliak77 AT -- thanks, kath o'donnell